This course contains daily scriptures, prayer-prompts, and words of encouragement; from me to you that will empower you to become an active participant in reclaiming your freedom through Christ. At the end of each lecture there are short interactive journaling challenges.

Hi, I’m your instructor Robin Major-Oliphant. I am the CEO and founder of One2Mpower, and One2Mpower Publishing LLC. I've written and published six books since 2018, focused on healing and overcoming trauma. All  books have achieved global status selling in the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada and the UK.

My heart for God and his people is what sets me apart, and demonstrates God's grace in my life as an author, publisher, speaker, mentor, and servant leader. I use the transparent, tumultuous testimonies of my life as a catalyst for change; to empower others to heal, be delivered from, and overcome the traumas of the past. I have personally been resilient in overcoming real life situations that men and women face daily such as, domestic violence, sexual abuse, self-esteem issues, and depression. My personal mission is to empower others to pursue their passion, overcome and thrive.

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